#DAILYROAR 31.03.15

#DAILYROAR 31.03.15 There are three main sources of knowledge about any person – what they say about themselves, what others say about them, & what you observe for yourself about them. Blend the three & you have a balanced perspective. Leave any of them out & you have a misguided opinion. #TUESDAYSareTERRIFIC PLUS: IT’S NO APRIL FOOL. FACEBOOK PAGE “DLIONroars” DEBUTS TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1, … Continue reading #DAILYROAR

#DAILYROAR 30.03.15

#DAILYROAR 30.03.15 You think getting married fixes character flaws? You’re the biggest joker of all times & you probably should be on a comedy stage. Marriage may modify behaviour but it never alters character; only conscious, determined, personal effort does. #MONDAYSareMARVELOUS PLUS: APOLOGY TO YOU MY ESTEEMED READER: I sincerely wish to tender my profound apologies for the delayed & perhaps distorted reception of my … Continue reading #DAILYROAR

#ALPHATALK 29.03.15

#ALPHATALK 29.03.15 TOPIC: BOOKS OF HARVEST TEXT: LUKE 10:17-21 Today, EVANG. DAVID OFURUM teaches… It is an exciting thing to experience the miracle working power of God & to be used of God to manifest this awesome power. Yet, Jesus admonishes His disciples not to be overly excited about miracles. What is more thrilling is the fact that one’s name is written in Heaven. But … Continue reading #ALPHATALK