#DAILYROAR 30.06.15

#DAILYROAR 30.06.15 Exorbitant bride price does not guarantee that a woman would be considered valuable as a wife. It can however make her an expensive comodity, and not all costly items are valuable. #TUESDAYSareTERRIFIC PLUS: My Special Guest today, Ace Brand Strategist, Eddy Ofurum shares this insightful piece by a professional colleague to help you with your personal branding. Enjoy the reading on http://www.facebook.com/DavidOfurum-DLIONroars – … Continue reading #DAILYROAR

#DAILYROAR 29.06.15

#DAILYROAR 29.06.15 If God will multiply the effects of your efforts, yet you refuse to make any effort at all, making your effort equal to zero, then get ready for multiplied nothingness as the attendant effect of your effortlessness. #MONDAYSareMARVELOUS PLUS: My Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/DavidOfurum-DLIONroars tomorrow, 30.06.15 features ace brand strategist, Eddy Ofurum as she provides insight into how you can upgrade your brand for … Continue reading #DAILYROAR

#DAILYROAR 23.06.15

#DAILYROAR 23.06.15 Service compelled is slavery. Service pretended is hypocrisy. Service remunerated is a job. Service volunteered is sacrifice. Service repeatedly volunteered is loyalty. What kind of service are you rendering? #TUESDAYSareTERRIFIC – #DLIONroars! David Chinomnso Ofurum Author, Motivator, Entrepreneur – #DLIONroars! David Chinomnso Ofurum Author, Motivator, Entrepreneur Continue reading #DAILYROAR