#AVALANCHEofGRACE THEME: *THE WISDOM OF GOD* What do you do when faced with strange situations of which you have not the slightest clue how to approach? God’s wisdom is more than just the right application of relevant knowledge. Click here to LEARN MORE https://youtu.be/xvzL79S4wSY #AVALANCHEofGRACE is brought to you by #PROM …Making abundant life your reality. Worship with us at *Chuckciti Eatery (Conference Hall), Mobil … Continue reading #AVALANCHEofGRACE


*DR* Ever come across folks who, when they speak or write, always make a whole lot of sense – to themselves alone? Worry not yourself to understand them. Just whisper a silent prayer of thanks for their “special gift” and ask God to meet their “special needs”. [WednesdaysAreWonderful] *- #DAILYROAR by @daveOFURUM* davidofurum.wordpress.com ©2018 Continue reading #DAILYROAR