#ALPHATALK 23.04.17

*A #DavidOfurum, #PROM TEACHING*
“…I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” – John 10:10b.
God’s ultimate purpose for sending Jesus to earth was to elevate man’s quality of life from low to abundant life; from the ordinary to the eternal. Abundant Life isn’t something you hope to get when you make it to Heaven; it’s a gift Jesus delivers to His own to enjoy both here on earth and hereafter. Abundant Life refers to the highest quality of life in all its facets. It means living life at the top and to the fullest on a consistent basis. It is the Primelife; it is the Alphalife. God has established the Primelife Royal Ministries (PROM) as a channel to reach you that you may have Abundant Life.
ABUNDANT LIFE AGENDA: On April 1, 2005, God spoke to His son, David Ofurum saying: I have called you to preach the message of hope to this generation. Bring hope alive to humanity and establish them in glory by the power of God, making Abundant Life their reality.
PROM MISSION: Activate HOPE for humanity; Demonstrate God’s POWER; Inspire all-round SUCCESS; Manifest God’s GLORY; Advance God’s KINGDOM.
PROM is currently focusing on activating hope and inspiring Godly success among young people in society through youth meetings, trainings, fellowships and talent grooming, both on campuses and in other communities.
Join us today and experience the fulfilment that comes only by living the Primelife. You can also become a PROM partner today and support PROM outreaches with your donations to enable us help more people experience the Abundant Life through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Call or SMS 08118856443 now. Email: primeliferoyalministries@gmail.com. Visit our Facebook page: fb.me/promhq.
Declaration: I am God’s child and therefore a willing instrument in His hand to spread the gospel. I identify with divinely inspired causes for advancing His Kingdom in Jesus’ name.


#ALPHATALK is brought to you by #PROM …That you may have abundant life

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