#ALPHATALK 16.04.17

*A #DavidOfurum #PROM TEACHING*
Hallelujah! Jesus Christ is risen from the dead. Death could not hold Him captive; even in the grave, Jesus is Lord. He’s alive forevermore.
What we celebrate is not merely a historical event; for all who are in Christ, it’s a daily living reality. Not only did Jesus die and was buried; we also died and were also buried with and in Him. Not only is Jesus risen; we are also risen with Him. Glory! The life we live in Christ today is a new life, different from what the world has, for this life is only experienced in the Son.
The new life in Christ is a life of glory. It took the glory (power and greatness) of the Father to raise us up in Jesus’ resurrection to enjoy this new life. So life in Christ is founded on the very glory of God Himself. It is powered by His infallible power. It manifests His matchless greatness. This life cannot be defeated. It is not subject to sickness and disease. It is not limited by the world or the elements because it draws its strength from the omnipotence of Jehovah Himself. That was why after Jesus resurrected, even though He still had the big open holes bored into His wrists by the nails of His crucifixion, He bore no infections therein. He could pass through walls and yet be touched by human hands.
Saint of God, you are a new creature in the resurrected Christ. Sin, death and the world no longer have power over you. Come on, walk in newness of life. The Father’s glory is your backing.
Confession: I am risen with Christ Jesus. God’s glory is my modus operandi. I can never be defeated or diminished in Jesus’ name.



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