#ALPHATALK 02.04.17

*A #DavidOfurum TEACHING*
The Christian’s righteousness in Christ is not predicated on good deeds. We don’t do good in order to be righteous; we do good because we’re now righteous. The righteousness of the law which requires good works as precondition could not avail man because:
1. Man’s works cannot fulfill the requirements of the law for justifying any man.
2. Work-based legalistic righteousness is disgusting to God.
3. Animal blood couldn’t wash away man’s sins; it only temporarily covered them.
4. Working toward righteousness is tedious and frustrating.
5. The law was only a teacher, telling man that righteousness only comes through faith in Christ.
What are the proofs that I am now righteous in Christ?
1. Without shedding blood, sins cannot be remitted and righteousness established. Jesus shed His blood for that purpose.
2. Only a perfect, sinless human blood sacrifice can take away sins. Jesus was that perfect sacrifice.
3. God says Jesus is the perfection of righteousness for those who believe in Him, and God cannot lie.
4. God calls me righteous in Christ, and God cannot lie.
If you’re in Christ, then make this confession: I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, irrespective of how I feel or what I think or any other person’s opinion. God says I am righteous, I believe it and that settles it. Hallelujah!



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