#ALPHATALK 19.03.17

*A #DavidOfurum TEACHING*
When God created man, He created him in His oqn image and likeness, meaning man was similar to God in nature, holiness and authority as a dominating being. Man had all things perfect – his mind, health, wealth, living conditions, marriage, family, occupation, power, etc. –  and was able to commune with God unhindered (Gen. 2:7-25). But when man yielded to Satan’s deceit and disobeyed God, that was the fall of man. That sin brought about dire consequences including spiritual and physical death, sicknesses and diseases, diminished mental capacity, poverty and hardship, etc. All humans were on that day eternally implicated as sinners; they wouldn’t need to sin to become sinners, all it would take was just to be born. But that is not the end of the story.
The sin nature/Adamic nature/old man only persists in every man born of a woman until he is born again in Christ. The moment he is saved, that nature is replaced with the Divine nature (2Pet. 1:4) which Adam originally had; he ceases to be a sinner and becomes a saint. He passes from death to life (Jn. 5:24) and is no more fallen but standing in grace and righteousness before God. Hallelujah! (Rom. 5:2, 2Cor. 5:21).
After the fall, there is provision for redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ (Col. 1:14). If you are not yet born again, you can escape the fallen state and all its consequences today by embracing redemption in Christ.
Here’s how: Pray this prayer in faith: Dear Lord Jesus, I believe you are the Son of God and that you are the only ticket back to Abundant Life. I ask you to come and live in my heart. I surrender my life to you; be my personal Saviour and Lord from this day forward. Amen.


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