#ALPHATALK 19.02.17

ANCHOR: JOHN 10:10, 1 JOHN 3:8
*A #DavidOfurum TEACHING*
It is clear from Scriptures that theft, killing, destruction and the likes are Satan’s purpose and handiwork, not God’s. God made and makes everything perfect, so wherever there’s imperfection it is traceable to an external interference. Sickness is a Satanic interference in the perfect health God created man with.
In fact, it is God’s purpose to restore perfect health wherever Satan has intervened with sickness. Part of the purpose for which Jesus Christ came is to restore divine health which is part of Abundant Life. Jesus came with a counter purpose to destroy the works of the devil, including sickness. Therefore, as God’s agent, I decree every satanic work in your health destroyed in Jesus’ name.
I pray for you: Receive a divine factory reset in your health back to God’s original perfection in Jesus’ name.



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