#ALPHATALK 29.01.17

*A #DavidOfurum TEACHING*
Often times, the secret to your next level does not lie in many things but in just one thing. Again, the key to your promotion could very well lie in some common place things and not in anything really special. For Apostle Paul, as it is for most people, all he needed to avoid stagnation was simple: Let go of the past. Whether the past was glorious or shameful, Apostle Paul made it a point to let it go and move on, grasping for what lies ahead.
There are always only two possible recommendable takeaways from the past: the BLESSINGS and the LESSONS. Only these two from your past are permissible in your future. Yet, even the blessings could expire at some point and the lessons could lose relevance with time. When these happen, you must also dust up and move on.
The central truth here is that there is always something bigger, better and greater ahead. Never lose the future because of the past. If that happens, stagnation results.
I pray for you: Your past will never supplant your future in Jesus’ name.



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