#ALPHATALK 15.01.17

*A #DavidOfurum TEACHING*
God’s desire for His people is constant advancement, adversity not withstanding. Like He did with Abram, who later became Abraham, God unveils to us or reminds us, from time to time, steps we need to take to advance. He wants you to know today that, in order to advance and thus avoid stagnation, you need to:
1. Separate from agents of stagnation: As long as Lot was closely attached to Abram, the later could not advance much because of strife caused by the former. I pray God grants you sensitivity to identify people and things who are agents of stagnation in your life and promptly separate from such.
2. Have the right orientation about your current situation: You must put your present state and status in proper perspective.

a. Your present, be it good or bad, is not your end or the best of you. You can be better so don’t be complacent.

b. Your current realities are reference points to your future possibilities so don’t waste present opportunities.
3. Your foresight determines your future accomplishments: No man stumbles on real success. Enlargement is a gift reserved for those who have seen it ahead. Your foresight is your future. If you can’t see it ahead, you can’t seize it in time.
I pray for you: Henceforth, forward ever and backward never is your testimony in Jesus’ name.


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