#ALPHATALK 13.11.16


*A #DavidOfurum TEACHING*
Once upon a time, there lived a great and wealthy king who had only one prince. He was expectant that his pregnant wife would bear more children and he wanted them all to live in one big mansion when they’re born. So, he built a very expansive and exquisite castle to which he put only one gate which had only one key. That meant that only his children which have access to that one key could access the mansion. Once that key is lost, access to the mansion is lost.
However, upon completing the mansion, there arose a need for the king to make a very long journey which would last many years. So, he entrusted the both the kingdom and the key to his mansion to his only son to ensure his siblings enjoy these things when they’re born.
The king wrote this wish down, sealed it with his signet ring and made sure it was publicised in the kingdom before he took his journey.
The prince had to rule both the kingdom and the castle at the same time and that would have been a great challenge. Thankfully, the prince had a supernatural power that allowed him be in more than one place at the same time. So, he split himself into two, kept one to administer the castle with the single key and the other to mount the throne while anticipating the birth of his siblings.
Eventually, his mother gave birth to quadruplets and it was easy for the prince to fulfill his father’s wish.
God the Father is that King. Jesus is His first Prince. You and I are His younger siblings. Righteousness is the mansion our Father built. He built this great mansion and passed it down to us His children. We didn’t work for it; we just inherited it.
The sealed document of his wish which he publicised is the Bible. Although we have never seen our Father, we just believed the Bible and received this mansion as our inheritance. The one part of the Prince that adminstered the castle is the Holy Spirit. We access the mansion through Jesus Christ by the key of faith which the Holy Spirit makes available to us.
I pray for you: Understand and embrace the things God has freely given you in Christ in Jesus’ name.


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