#DAILYROAR 30.10.16


*A #DavidOfurum TEACHING*
Understanding is the comprehension of meaning. When the meaning of a thing is securely apprehended, then the knowledge it contains can be accurately applied. Understanding is the wheel upon which wisdom moves. Until understanding is in place, wisdom cannot ride, and until wisdom rides, happiness is not guaranteed. Happy is the man who has understanding and, certainly, unhappy is the man who is void of understanding because all his efforts will always end in fiasco.
The benefits of understanding cannot be overemphasised. They include:
1. Understanding shapes your orientation (Ps. 119:104): It takes understanding to create and sustain the right attitudinal disposition in a man, steering him away from falsehood and keeping him on the path of truth.
2. Understanding makes you outstanding (Ps. 119:99-100): You exceed benchmarks, surpass expectations and break records such that even your teachers and the aged will marvel at your accomplishments when understanding is in place.
3. Understanding gives quality to your praise (Ps. 47:7): Praise is more sincere and acceptable when it comes from a man who understands the God he is praising than when it is done as a mere obligation.
I pray for you: Be blessed with the Spirit of Understanding in Jesus’ name.



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