#ALPHATALK 02.10.16


ANCHOR: JOHN 8:28-32
*A #DavidOfurum TEACHING*
There is no shackle existing anywhere other than human ignorance. The moment you know the way around a given shackle, it ceases to be a shackle to you – that’s how important knowledge is. No wonder Jesus said it is the knowledge of the truth that makes free. Yet, the knowledge Jesus refers to is not mere head knowledge but experiential knowledge.
What is the truth and how can one experience it? Firstly, we must note that truth is different from fact. A fact is a particular situation that exists, especially when it can be proved. Truth, on the other hand, is something correct and exact, even when it is not apparent. So, a fact may be provable but the truth does not necessarily have to be provable or apparent in order to be true.
The truth may be refered to as a central fact; an absolute that is independent of general facts which are relative. General facts are changeable variables but a central fact is constant.
How can one know (experience) the truth for himself? First, he must doggedly probe beyond the facts. Then he must moderate his existence to conform with the provisions of the truth. For example, the truth of God’s word is that you were healed by Jesus’ stripes, but ulcer may be a fact in your body along with foods you must avoid and drugs you must take, etc. You must insist in your prayers, confessions and actions that the truth of your healing prevails over the facts of ulcer and other related facts. Sustain your insistence until the facts give way to the truth of your healing. Hallelujah!
I pray for you: Receive grace to know the truth and experience the freedom it brings in Jesus’ name.



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