#ALPHATALK 11.09.16

#ALPHATALK 11.09.16

ANCHOR: JOHN 10:10-11
*A #DavidOfurum TEACHING*
When we talk of victorious living, it implies that a particular kind of living is referred to. Not all kinds of life are victorious. The victorious life is the life God wants for us. It is the life of Christ. It is the life of God. It is life in abundance. It is life at the top. It is a life free from the effects of the activities of Satan the thief. It is a life of glory, free from defeat. I call it the Alpha Life. That is the life Jesus brought us.
We must understand that there’s a contest going on between the Good Shepherd and the thief, and we are the bone of contention. The Good Shepherd’s victory is our victory because He means life and abundance for us. The thief means death and destruction for us.
Jesus came with an agenda to inject, infuse and transfuse His life into us. He came for a life exchange; to exchange His divine life for ours while we exchange our human life for His. One major hallmark of the God-life is abundance. That is why Jesus said He came so we can have life and abundance. A man living the Alpha Life is not perturbed by the earth’s economic situation because his supply is neither from around nor from abroad but from above. An Alpha Lifer is a constant victor. He does not fight for victory because victory was won and delivered to him by Jesus. His job is to maintain the victory because he is more than conquerors. Victorious. Abundant. On top. Alpha. That’s the life we have in Christ. Hallelujah!
I pray for you: If you’re born of God, then I command the Alpha Life in you to manifest forthwith in Jesus’ name.


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