#DAILYROAR 13.06.16


Many activists campaign for the “right to know”; I’m yet to see a campaign on the right to not know. Ignorance is not a right; go for knowledge.

– #DLIONroars!

NOTE: With effect from 15.06.16, I will no longer broadcast #DAILYROAR and #ALPHATALK on WhatsApp. I will however continue posting on a WhatsApp group called #DavidOfurumDLION. Membership of the group will be strictly by subscription which is FREE. If you wish to keep receiving my daily inspirational posts as from 15.06.16, please join the group by sending “SUBSCRIBE” to WhatsApp number: 08038767991 before the date. Thanks for your esteemed readership.

(c) David Ofurum
@dave_DLION | BBM: 56109436


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