#ALPHATALK 24.04.16


TEXT: GENESIS 22:15-18

Today, EVANG. DAVID OFURUM teaches…

God covenanted with Abraham not only to bless him with wealth but also to replicate the same blessings in his descendants for all generations to come. (Compare Gen. 12:2-3 & 22:17-18). In case you’re one of those expecting the depletion of the wealth and Influence of the nation of Israel, it’s an expectation in futility.

But it doesn’t end with the geopolitical Israel; all those who become Abraham’s descendants through faith in Christ share the same covenant. Anyone expecting the influence and affluence of the Church to wane is only wasting time because we are what we are by an infallible covenant. The only person who can stop you as a Christian is you.

How did Abraham initiate his descendants into the covenant wealth that was originally his alone? Gen. 22:12,16 provides the answer: “thou hast not withheld thy son, thine only son from me.” Abraham, by his willingness to sacrifice his son to God (even though God stopped him), confirmed God’s earlier opinion about him that he would command his children after God. (Compare: “For I know him” – Gen. 18:19 & “for now I know” – Gen. 22:12).

The covenant wealth is perpetuated transgenerationally, not so much by the symbolism of circumcision introduced by God in Gen. 17:10-14, but by covenant beneficiaries introducing their children to the God and principles of the covenant, “For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature”  (Gal. 6:15, also 5:6, Col. 3:10-11).

When beneficiaries of covenant wealth put God out of their homes, schools, media, public life and the society at large, they shield their children from God in the pretext of civilisation, cut them off the covenant, degrade the existing covenant and ultimately set their children up for generational destruction.

I pray for you: May the flow of covenant wealth to you transcend you and affect your many generations to come in Jesus’ name.


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