#ALPHATALK 10.04.16



Today, EVANG. DAVID OFURUM teaches

God has covenanted to bless His people with wealth and He does not break His covenant. As with every covenant, there’s a role for all parties to play. Ours is to continue in well doing without fainting as we patiently await our due season. So if we faint, even if our due season arrives, our harvest is not guaranteed. But what factors determine our due season for the harvest of covenant wealth?

1. God: There are due seasons set by God, and when they arrive and you’re prepared for the harvest, no devil in hell can stop your harvest, no matter the number of “horns and tails” they have.

2. You: Your decisions, actions and inactions can truncate your due season, e.g. if you faint or plant the right seed at the wrong time or place.

3. Climate: As with nature, the right spiritual, social, psychological and emotional climate can determine whether or not there’s a due season of harvest for you.

4. Soil: If your location is wrong, e.g. wrong business or career, can delay or hinder a due season from happening.

5. Seed: Seed type and quality have a lot of influence in determining harvest due season. So you want to plant improved seeds in your  quest to harvest covenant wealth.

I pray for you: You will never miss your due season of covenant wealth harvest in Jesus’ name.

– DLIONroars!
David Chinonmso Ofurum
Author, Motivator, Entrepreneur


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