#ALPHATALK 17.01.16


TEXT: GENESIS 26:1-6, 12-14

Today, EVANG. DAVID OFURUM teaches…

God does not call a man to take him backwards. If there is stagnation, retardation or retrogression, God is not pleased for He takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servants (Ps. 35:27). It is His desire that His people move forward from glory to glory. Isaac enjoyed the blessing of forward motion or prosperity.

A careful look at his experience with God in our lead Scripture shows some vital factors that contributed to his advancement.

1. Divine covenant: Isaac functioned within the context of God’s covenant with his father (v3). Today, you must function within the framework of God’s covenant with all who believe in Jesus Christ to enjoy divine advancement. You must be born again.

2. Divine instruction: Without divine instruction, Isaac would have made the wrong decisions(v2-3a). Don’t do anything without God’s guidance.
…continues next week.

– DLIONroars!
David Chinonmso Ofurum
Author, Motivator, Entrepreneur


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