#ALPHATALK 03.01.16



Today, EVANG. DAVID OFURUM preaches…

When God demanded that Abraham sacrifice Isaac on Mount Moriah, Abraham knew that God was calling him  to a place of relationship with Him. Moriah means seen by Yaweh. You know, when people are dating we say they are “seeing” each other. Moriah is a place of covenant relationship or “dating” with God where you go to “see” or “date” Jehovah.

In the invitation God issued for the date, there was only room for two. Abraham already had a history of bringing tag-alongs on divine destiny appointments. One time, God had to separate Abraham’s nephew, Lot from him before revealing the actual location of the promised land to Him. At another time, God made him send Haggar and Ishmael away to establish Isaac.

It was perhaps a fall-out of the lessons Abraham had learnt about tag-alongs that it dawned on him, as he approached Moriah in the company of his son, his two servants and his donkey, that this date was strictly by invitation. So he had to ask the two servants and his donkey to proceed no further.

Friends, in 2016 you are on a journey of purpose and destiny on divine appointment. If you will arrive at God’s prescribed destination for you in 2016 you must travel light; no tag-alongs and no excess luggage. There are some associations, practices and habits you must bid farewell and tell them like Abraham told his servants, “Abide ye in 2015. You can’t go further with me on this 2016 journey”. Search your heart and find them out.

– DLIONroars!
David Chinonmso Ofurum
Author, Motivator, Entrepreneur


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