#ALPHATALK 27.12.15


TEXT: LUKE 8:1-3


Gratitude is the feeling of appreciation and indebtedness for good received. Gratitude remains seen and known only to the one whose sentiment it is and remains irrelevant to others until it is clearly expressed either verbally or through actions. Of the two, one form of expression, the verbal, can be faked, hence it is not always a strong validation of gratitude. People can talk on and on about how grateful they are and could be either sincere or pretending about it. It is however difficult to fake gratitude when it is expressed through actions such as dedication of time and giving. In fact, most of our efforts and giving are either done in appreciation of something or in pursuit of something, even when we do not realise that’s what we’re doing.

The women in our lead Scripture expressed their gratitude to Jesus for healing their diseases and demonic possessions by two main kinds of action – dedication and giving. Although the words “gratitude”, “appreciation”, “thanks” and “thanksgiving” are not mentioned in that Scripture, it is impossible not to recognise the context of gratitude in which they acted. They not only made themselves physically available for service in Jesus’ crusades, they also gave their resources to fund and support His ministry. Now that’s gratitude that can hardly be fake. Show me what you spend your time, energy and resources on and I’ll tell you what you appreciate. If you are genuinely grateful to God for His benefits to you in 2015 it will show in your expenses of time, energy and resources on Him in 2016.

– DLIONroars!
David Chinonmso Ofurum
Author, Motivator, Entrepreneur


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