#ALPHATALK 22.03.15



Today, EVANG. DAVID OFURUM teaches…

Our lead Scripture in verse 3 establishes the certainty of risks in any business environment. Whether you like it or not, the clouds will at some point get saturated with rain & empty themselves on the earth. Similarly, there will be strong winds occasionally that will fall trees in an undesirable manner or direction, & the tress will remain wherever they fall.

Any farmer in the field will be exposed to risks or rains, strong winds & falling trees. Similarly, every investor must settle the certainty of business risks in his mind. You must genuinely expect that sometimes, the business environment will not be quite favourable, & you must be ready to put up with such adversity, else the investor in you dies.

Risks are normal with life, & as is often said, it is riskier not to take risks. Verse 4 of our lead Scripture goes on to explain that those with “riskophobia” can neither make good investors nor expect good returns on investments. It also follows that the bigger the returns you project or desire, the greater the risk taking capacity you must demonstrate.

It is, however, a known fact that whereas risks must be taken to advance the cause of investments, such risks must not be careless but well calculated. Calculated strategies produce calculated results (Ecc. 10:10). Risks must be strategically & functionally engaged to achieve desired returns, with the mind prepared to accept & deal with the worst outcome, should it result, while anticipating the best outcome.

May your legitimate investment risks pay off big time in Jesus name.



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