#ALPHATALK 22.02.15


TEXT: ACTS 14:17

Today, EVANG. DAVID OFURUM teaches…

God never leaves Himself without a witness. He always does good, even to those who don’t acknowledge Him. Nevertheless, if this goodness is not testified by someone, there is the tendency for people to outrightly forget God’s goodness. Today, God is still looking for faithful witnesses who will testify of His goodness to their generation. Will you be that witness?

There are three important acts of God’s goodness highlighted in our opening Scripture:
1. God gives us rain: The rain from Heaven is sometimes physical, but is often much more than physical. God daily “rains” the supply of resources for our convenient & enjoyable existence (1 Cor. 2:12, 2 Pet. 1:3).

2. God gives us fruitful seasons: We can see the manifestation of   seasons in the success of our endeavours which conform to His will. You are not fruitful by your strength but by His grace (Jn. 15:5, Zech. 4:6).

3. God fills our hearts with food & gladness: Heart food brings gladness. Those things that gladen your heart are His food for your heart’s satisfaction (Ps. 126:3, Prov. 13:12).

When we do not testify of God’s goodness in our lives to our generation, we take Him for granted. It is also an indirect misappropriation of credit for God’s goodness to ourselves. Furthermore, it denies unbelievers the opportunity to hear about God’s goodness & to get to know Him. Finally, it cuts short our season of fruitfulness because what you do not appreciate will depreciate. Testify today.


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