#ALPHATALK 25.01.15


TEXT: PSALM 89:34-37

Today, EVANG. DAVID OFURUM teaches…

God has sworn in His holiness to make you a reference point & that covenant cannot be broken because He is a faithful God who cannot lie. The sun & the moon are reference points for nearly everything about the earth. They tell day from night, define months & years, & distinguish seasons. They’re reference points because they outlive seasons & times.

Many things come & go out of fashion, but not the sun & the moon. So God is saying that the man who enjoys His faithfulness will never go into extinction. Many years ago, God said to me: “I want you to live your life in a way that it will become a reference point for time just as Jesus’ life is today a universal reference point for time as in BC & AD”.

To become a reference point, you have to be a person of great impact. To make such impact, you need to partner with God who is too faithful to fail. Your life becomes a reference point when people use the period of your walk on earth & what you achieve while at it to indicate a specific period in history. By God’s faithfulness you will achieve things this year that will stand you out in history as a reference point in Jesus’ name.


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