TEXT: PSALM 89:24-27

Today, EVANG. DAVID OFURUM teaches…

When God’s faithfulness is with you, He causes your horn to be exalted; meaning you have increased influence, power, dominion or authority. The reason is because God prefers you above your equals. This promotion is in His name; that is, in His place; on His behalf, by His permission; as if it was Him being exalted. It means your lifting is like that of God which remains perpetually; none can demote you.

In Scriptures, the sea figuratively refer to the gentile world. So, for your hand to be in the sea implies that your impact is felt in the nations of the world. Rivers are tributaries that supply seas with endless waters. So verse 25 is saying that God will not only make you an international influence, He will also grant you access to the supplies that make the nations thick, wealthy & important.

The realm of God’s faithfulness is a place of close family ties with Him; He your father & you His child. Not only are you His child, you are His firstborn, His preferred child. No wonder His purpose is to place you above all others. Others may have their thrones, but the man who enjoys God’s faithfulness will supercede them because he is God’s preferred child. Hallelujah!


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