TEXT: ISAIAH 41:8-16

Today, EVANG. DAVID OFURUM teaches:

The greatest test of our faith in God is not in situations when God stands before us & His presence is obvious; it is in those moments when He stands behind us & we can’t see Him. We must build our confidence in Him to the point that we can trust Him even at times when we can’t trace Him. He might not be on the scene but He’s certainly working out everything four our good from behind the scene.

In Isa. 41:10, God speaks of supporting His people by holding them with His right hand. Then in verse 13, He speaks of holding their right hand to help them while they confront oppositions.  From all intents & purposes, therefore, the only position from which God can hold their right hand with His own right hand is from behind. They can’t see Him but He can see & strengthen their right hand from behind.

Child of God, it’s high time you stopped worrying about who will be there for you when you’re in need because God’s got your back. Quit looking every where for assistance – left, right, centre, up, down & front. Your Helper is & has always been there, right behind you, even though you can’t see Him. When it matters most, He will hold your right hand with His & say to you, “I will help you”.


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