Today, EVANG. DAVID OFURUM teaches:

In Matt. 7:24-27, Jesus describes two kinds of houses built by two different kinds of people: the Rock-solid House of the wise & the Sand-shaky House of the fool. Both were built with the same materials but on different foundations, & that made all the difference. Each house’s foundation reflected not the quality of its building materials but the quality of its builder. Those houses & their foundations could represent anything, including your home.

Our opening scripture tells of three crucial qualities that a man or woman who desires to build a Rock-solid family must posses: WISDOM, UNDERSTANDING & KNOWLEDGE.
You build your home with wisdom, certify it with understanding & furnish it with knowledge. But naturally,  it is knowledge that leads to understanding & understanding leads to wisdom. So let’s see how it works.

KNOWLEDGE is acquired information.

UNDERSTANDING is information processed into insight with ownership.

WISDOM is the right application of relevant knowledge & insight.

So, to build a Rock-solid home, acccording to our lead scripture, you must first get relevant knowledge for a successful home, process it into personal insight & then correctly apply it. Then you must continuously use the insight you now own to certify (quality-check) that your home is properly built & you keep furnishing it by the continuous acquisition of right information.

A Rock-solid home is therefore sustained by the effect of repeating the reversed sequence of Wisdom, Understanding & Knowledge in & for every aspect of the home & every issue that may arise.

May your home be Rock-solid in Jesus’ name.


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