David was disadvantaged by the prevailing circumstances of his life. Ordinarily, there was no way he could have qualified for kingship.
• 1. He was the 8th son, not the 1st (1Sam. 16:10-11)
• 2. He was born out of wedlock (Ps. 51:5)
• 3. He was from the 4th tribe, not the 1st (1Sam. 16:1,
• 4. He was not sanctified or invited for the sacrifice (1 Sam. 16:5).

The GRACE of God is the advantage of the child of God. The Spirit of God supplies that advantage to God’s children which non-children cannot have.
It was grace that singled the unqualified David out for distinction, promotion & enthronement.
GRACE: God’s ability at work in humanity. There is no grace without the Spirit of God.

These things will enhance your access to God’s grace:
1. A heart for God (1Sam. 13:14, Acts 13:22)
Every God chaser is a grace warehouse.
2. Addicted worship (1Sam. 16:23, The Psalms, 2Kings 3:15)
Worship stirs up grace from residual to active.
3. A humble heart (2Sam. 13, Jms. 4:6)
Humility motivates God to display His excellence in your life.

Do have a great time enjoying God’s grace. You’re the best.


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