After this doctor examined them, he concluded there was no way they could have children biologically, so he advised them to up for adoption. Having received such diagnosis from a world authority on the subject, and his diagnosis was medically correct, this man of God and his wife returned to Nigeria and decided to take some days to fast and pray for last time on this matter, after which they decided to rest their hopes completely in God and never pray or bother again about this matter. They decided that the only mention they would henceforth make to God about their child bearing would always be to give Him praise in faith for giving them children; not to ask him for children. After they had done this for several months, one day his wife noticed she had been feeling strange in her body and thought she was taking ill. She decided to see her doctor and when tests were carried out, it was pregnancy and not sickness. Today, that baby was conceived is now in his teens and the rest is history.

If you can put all your trust in God like that pastor did, you can be sure that the God of Heaven will not fail you.

Pray this prayer: Dear God in Heaven, I put all my trust in you therefore I know my case is not hopeless. I see you hand at work in my life, Finish up what you started in me for your glory and for my blessing in Jesus’ precious name.

For more information and counseling, please call +2348038767991, or +2348059113949. Also visit regularly for more tips on how to live God’s kind of life. You will also learn how to activate HOPE, access POWER and achieve GLORY. Do join a Bible based church so you can grow in faith and share your Alpha Life experience to encourage others.

Until next time, this is Evangelist David saying stay connected to God. God bless you. Bye.


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